About Us

We are Unique.

Acarath Montessori Center is a preschool, daycare center, and first grade elementary school. The word Acarath is an acronym for Academics, Arts and Athletics. Montessori philosophy and education is the mainstay of the center. While the children spend time each day in auxiliary activities, Montessori philosophy governs the interaction of children with the staff, each other, and the environment. For an explanation of Montessori philosophy and its everyday application in our environment, click on “Read More.”

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Our Activities

Our school is open year round from 7:00 am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday.  Office hours are from 8:30am to 5:15pm.  We have an "Open Door Policy" so you are welcome to stop in for a tour anytime during office hours without an appointment. Here is a list of activities we offer.

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Daily Schedules

AM Montessori Class

Click here for our AM Montessori schedule.

PM. Montessori Classl

Click here for our PM Montessori Schedule.

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