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(JAN 14, 2007)

Welcome to Acarath...


Acarath Montessori is a preschool day-care and first grade elementary school...

The word Acarath is an acronym for Academics, Arts and Athletics. Montessori philosophy and education is the mainstay of the center. While the children spend time each day in auxiliary activities, Montessori philosophy governs the interaction of children with the staff, each other, and the environment. For an explanation of Montessori philosophy and its everyday application, see "Montessori Philosophy."
Acarath is unique because of the activities we offer, and our student's daily schedule. We have our own indoor pool, and each attendee has a half hour swim lesson every day that they attend school. All children experience an enrichment activity every day. Those vary by the day of the week. We offer sports skills in addition to music appreciation, gymnastics, art, dance, and Orff music. Enrichment classes are 45 minutes long and are optional for half-day students. For additional information about swimming and the individual activities we offer, please see "Swimming" and "Activities."














Full day students may be in the center from 7:00 am until
6:00 pm. In addition to the activities listed above, time is allotted for a nap, free play in the playroom, and outdoor activity when weather permits. All children enrolled in classes are served a hot lunch every day. Full day children are also served 2 snacks a day.

Student/Staff ratios for all classes:

Montessori Classroom: 21 students, 3 teachers
Swimming: 21 students, 5 teachers
Activities: 10 students, 2 teachers

Classes have an average daily attendance of 18.

Our Montessori teachers have been at Acarath an average of 7 years; our other head teachers have been at Acarath an average of 8 years.

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