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1st Grade builds upon the foundation laid in Kindergarten and continues to focus on hands-on, experiential learning. Acarath Montessori Center approach to education in 1st Grade is designed to help children develop critical thinking skills, creativity & independence.

Acarath Montessori Center 1st Grade Approach Includes the Following Subjects:

  • Language Arts: In 1st Grade, children continue to build on their phonetic skills and develop their reading fluency. They also learn to write and spell words correctly, and develop their understanding of grammar and sentence structure.
  • Mathematics: In 1st Grade, children continue to explore math concepts using our Montessori materials, and begin to develop more complex skills such as place value, fractions & multiplication.
  • Science: Children in 1st Grade learn about the natural world through hands-on exploration and experimentation. They learn about the properties of matter, animals,  plant life & the earth's environment.
  • Social Studies: Children learn about communities, geography, and cultures around the world. They explore topics such as transportation, communication, and the roles of people in different societies.

At Acarath Montessori Center, our 1st Grade teachers act as facilitators & guides, helping children to learn through exploration & discovery. The classroom environment is designed to encourage independence and self-direction, and children are encouraged to work at their own pace and follow their interests. By providing a rich, stimulating learning environment, Acarath Montessori Center helps children develop a love of learning and the skills they need for future academic success.

1st Grade Math Concepts & Skills

Acarath Montessori Center’s 1st Grade Math continues to build upon the math skills and concepts learned in Kindergarten. Our approach to math education in 1st Grade is designed to help children develop a deep understanding of math concepts through hands-on exploration & problem-solving.

1st Grade Math Skills Includes the Following Concepts:

  • Place Value: Children learn about the value of digits in different places in a number, and begin to work with larger numbers.
  • Addition & Subtraction: Children continue to develop their skills in addition and subtraction, using Montessori materials to explore these concepts in a concrete, hands-on way.
  • Multiplication & Division: Children are introduced to multiplication and division through the use of Montessori materials, and begin to understand the relationship between these operations.
  • Fractions & Decimals: Children learn about fractions and decimals using Montessori materials and visual aids, helping them develop a deeper understanding of these concepts.
  • Measurement: Children continue to explore measurement using various tools and materials, and learn about units of measurement such as centimeters, meters & liters.

At Acarath Montessori Center, our children are encouraged to work independently and at their own pace, allowing them to progress according to their individual needs and abilities. The Montessori materials are designed to be self-correcting, enabling children to easily recognize and correct their own math mistakes. By providing a rich, engaging math environment, our 1st grade teachers help children develop a strong foundation in math concepts and problem-solving skills, setting them up for success in future academic pursuits.


1st Grade Reading Foundation

In 1st Grade, reading instruction continues to build upon the foundation laid in Kindergarten. Acarath Montessori Center’s approach to reading education in 1st Grade is designed to help children develop advanced phonetic skills, fluency, comprehension, and a love of reading.

1st Grade Reading Foundation Includes the Following Components:

  • Advanced Phonics: Children continue to learn about phonetic sounds and word families, and develop advanced phonetic decoding skills to read longer and more complex words.
  • Reading Fluency: Children work to improve their reading speed and accuracy, building their reading stamina and confidence.
  • Comprehension: Children develop a deeper understanding of what they read, answering questions and participating in discussions about the text.
  • Vocabulary: Children continue to develop their vocabulary, learning new words and their meanings through a variety of activities and materials.
  • Writing: Children learn to express their ideas and thoughts in writing, practicing sentence structure, grammar & spelling.

At Acarath Montessori Center, our teachers use a variety of materials and activities to engage children in the learning process. They may use books, reading games & phonics-based activities to help children develop their reading skills. Our approach emphasizes the importance of reading for pleasure, and teachers work to instill a love of books and reading in their students.

By providing a rich, engaging reading environment and individualized instruction, our children develop the advanced phonetic skills, comprehension, and writing skills needed for future academic success.

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