Kindergarten – Schaumburg, IL.

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At Acarath Montessori Center, our Kindergarten children are encouraged to learn through hands-on exploration and discovery, rather than through teacher-led instruction. The classroom is set up with a variety of learning materials that children can use independently, including activities for practical life skills, sensorial exploration, math, language, and cultural studies.

Our approach emphasizes the development of independence, self-direction, and self-discipline, as well as respect for others and the environment. Our teachers in Kindergarten act as facilitators and observers, rather than as traditional lecturers or disciplinarians.

Acarath Montessori Center’s  approach is often seen as an alternative to traditional early childhood education programs, and is known for promoting creativity, problem-solving, and a lifelong love of learning in children.

Kindergarten Math Concepts

Acarath Montessori Center’s Kindergarten Math continues to build upon the math skills and concepts learned in Preschool. At Acarath Montessori Center, math education is approached in a unique and interactive way. The math materials are designed to help children understand mathematical concepts through hands-on experiences and exploration.

The math materials in Montessori Kindergarten are designed to be self-correcting, meaning that the child can easily see and correct their own mistakes. This fosters a sense of independence and encourages the child to learn at their own pace.

Acarath Montessori Center’s Math Covers the Following Concepts:

  • Number Sense: Children learn to recognize numbers and the quantity they represent.
  • Counting: Children learn to count from one to ten and beyond.
  • Operations: Children learn the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Geometry: Children learn about shapes, sizes, and spatial relationships.
  • Measurement: Children learn about measurement using various tools and materials, including rulers and scales.
  • Fractions: Children learn about fractions through the use of manipulatives and visual aids.

At Acarath Montessori Center, children are encouraged to explore and discover math concepts in their own way, rather than through traditional instruction. This approach promotes a love of learning and helps children develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

Kindergarten Reading Education

Acarath Montessori Center’s Kindergarten reading continues to build upon the reading skills and concepts learned in Preschool. Our Kindergarten reading education is unique & focuses on the development of phonetic & language skills. The reading materials are designed to help children learn to read through a combination of hands-on activities and exploration.

Acarath Montessori Center Reading Approach Includes the Following Components:

  • Phonetic Sounds: Children are introduced to the sounds of letters and how they are combined to form words.
  • Phonetic Words: Children learn to read words by sounding out the letters and blending the sounds together.
  • Sight Words: Children learn to recognize common words by sight, rather than sounding them out.
  • Spelling: Children learn to spell words using various Montessori materials and activities.
  • Comprehension: Children learn to understand what they are reading by answering questions and participating in discussions.

Reading is taught in a way that is fun and engaging for children. Teachers use a variety of materials and activities, such as sandpaper letters, movable alphabets, and reading games, to help children learn to read and develop a love of books and learning.

At Acarath Montessori Center, our approach to reading education emphasizes the importance of building a strong foundation in phonetic skills, which is essential for reading success. By fostering a love of reading and providing a solid foundation in phonics, our children become confident, independent readers.

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